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Ordeal Honor

What is the Ordeal?

The Ordeal is a vital part of the induction process of the Order of the Arrow. The Ordeal must be completed within one year of the unit election in which you were elected. The Ordeal provides a time for a Scout to reflect upon his experiences within Scouting. These reflections will hopefully broaden his experiences and reaffirm his love for Scouting.  During the Ordeal experience, a "candidate" is required to:

  • Maintain silence

  • Receive small amounts of food

  • Work on Camp improvement projects

  • Sleep alone and apart from other campers

The entire experience is designed to teach significant values.  Ordeal weekends are filled with many activities, all of which are safe and fully supervised in accordance with BSA Policies. There are hundreds of thousands of OA members, all of whom have participated in an Ordeal. The Ordeal experience is one that no Scout will ever forget because of the honor that has been given by being inducted into the Order of the Arrow. 

**Please Note:  This is an outdoor weekend, you will need to come to camp prepared for the weather - the weather can change quickly and without prior notice, so be prepared with rain gear, boots and extra clothes in case you get wet.

What will you need for Ordeal Weekend?

  • BSA Health & Medical Record (Parts A & B)

  • Work Clothes / Gloves

  • Poncho/Rain Gear **Be Prepared for weather as needed, this is an outdoor event**

  • Sturdy hiking boots/shoes and extra socks

  • Waterproof Ground Cloth

  • Bedding

  • 36" of cord

  • Pocket Knife

  • Water Bottle

  • Flashlight (and extra batteries, if needed)

  • Personal Toiletries

  • Tent for Second Night

  • Normal Camping Gear

  • You should arrive to camp in your Field (Class A) Uniform.  It is recommended that you do NOT wear your neckerchief or merit badge sash.

  • Medications (if any)

  • Spending Money for Lodge Trading Post (T-Shirts, Hats, Lodge Flaps, Sodas, Candy, etc.)

When & Where?

  • Lodge Ordeal Weekends are offered May through September as indicated on the Nentico Lodge Calendar found here.

  • Where: Broad Creek Memorial Scout Reservation, 1929 Susquehanna Hall Rd., Whiteford, MD - report to Camp Saffran - OA Pavilion, unless noted otherwise on the registration.

  • Check-in is Friday evening at 7:00 pm (dressed in Class A uniform)

  • Check-out is Sunday morning at approximately 10:00 am

What is the Ordeal Honor?

The Ordeal Honor is the first honor you receive as a newly inducted member in the Order of the Arrow upon completion of a Lodge Ordeal Weekend. This honor recognizes you as a member of the Order of the Arrow and as an honored camper. Once receiving this honor, you are entilted to all rights and privileges as a member of the Order of the Arrow. However, this recognition is not only given for what you have done, but, what you are expected to do in the future.

What is next?

Upon completion of the Ordeal, you are highly encouraged to attend your local Chapter meetings. For more on our Chapter Meetings, please click here. In addition, you are highly encouraged pursuing the Brotherhood Honor which is the next step towards sealing your membership in the Order of the Arrow. For more information on the Brotherhood Honor click here.

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