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History of Nentico Lodge

The Beginning

Nentico Lodge was granted its charter on May 17, 1922. Camp Linstead in Severna Park, Maryland was the location of Nentico's first organized meeting. E. Urner Goodman conducted the installation of Nentico Lodge. The first Lodge Chief was J. Mitchell. In 1923, Perry W. Bradley, the Council Executive, became Nentico's first Vigil Honor Member.

Why Nentico Lodge?

Nentico derives its name from a tribe of the Delawares. The Nanticokes broke off from the main body of the Delawares and migrated south into Maryland and part of Virginia to establish their own territory and villages. Camp Linstead, the Lodge's first home was located in an area once inhabited by the Nanticokes.


Our totem is the eagle with outstretched wings, representative of strength and unity of purpose. The colors of the lodge are red, white, and yellow.

Laying the Blueprint

One of the highlights of Nentico's early history was the hosting of the Grand Lodge Meeting held October 12 - 13, 1923 at Camp Linstead. Grand Lodge Meetings were forerunners of the National Order of the Arrow Conferences held today.

Moving to Broad Creek

After the closing of Camp Linstead, Nentico Lodge provided many hours of service at the Baltimore Area Council's Camps Rock Hall and Cone. Broad Creek Memorial Scout Reservation has served as the home of Nentico Lodge since 1948. The Lodge's Ceremonial site, the Mystic Circle of Nentico Lodge, was established at Broad Creek in 1949 and still remains today.

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