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Lodge service day


Lodge Service Days is an opportunity for every Arrowman in the Nentico Lodge to conduct meaningful service at our home camp, Broad Creek Memorial Scout Reservation. Typically there is one Lodge Service Day per year. The exception to this rule occurs when the Nentico Lodge is hosting a Conclave during that year. Projects include facility renovation, trail making and maintenance, picnic table construction, and much more! 

Why should I attend?

Lodge Service Day is a fantastic chance to get members involved, make a significant contribution to the community, Scouting, and have fun with your fellow Arrowmen! In addition, the hours that you serve are recorded and cout towards our Journey to Excellence goals. We invite you to join us!

When is the next Lodge Service Day?

The next Lodge Service will take place at Broad Creek Memorial Scout Reservation in March of the 2020 year, in Whiteford, MD. We hope to see you there!

How to register?

Registration for Lodge Service Day has not been opened yet. More information can be found at the Nentico Lodge website which can be found here. If you have a golden ticket you still need to register for the event.

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