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Lodge Service Beads


As the Area Brothers were on their way home from the Area III-A Conference in 1959, the Lodge Chief and Adviser sat in the Health Lodge thinking and searching to find a way to extend their gratitude to those brothers who had given their all to keep Nentico’s standard of a better lodge shining in our visiting brothers’ minds. They were tired and weary. So were many others. Then came the idea of “Beads.” They were given to each delegate as he entered our fine camp. Why can’t we give our brothers who worked untiringly a special bead? The Nentico Bead was born.

A black polyethylene necklace with a pendant. A yellow bead sandwiched between a white and a red bead strung on a thong with a brass triangle. For each year afterward another yellow bead may be added to the necklace. When three are acquired, the triangle would be engraved with an arrow. When three arrows are quarried an eagle will be stamped on the totem. They are not easy to get, but honest work finds its rewards. The beads are given out by the Lodge Chief each year to those who the Lodge depends upon for service and support. Nentico Lodge would not be what it is today without the recipients of Nentico Service beads.

Who receives Lodge Service Beads?

Nentico Lodge Service Beads are awarded by the Lodge Chief in recognition of those brothers who have gone above and beyond the duties of their respective position in service of Nentico Lodge. Bead recipients are selected solely by the Lodge Chief.  

How many beads can you receive?

Recipients are permitted to receive one Lodge Service Bead per year. Upon receiving a 7th Year Lodge Service Bead the recipient is inelligible to receive an further Lodge Service Beads as they have achieved the maximum number of beads permitted by the Lodge.

When are recipients recognized?

Lodge Service Bead recipients are announced and recognized either at the Nentico Lodge Fall Fellowship or the Nentico Lodge Banquet.

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