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Lodge banquet


The annual Nentico Lodge Banquet is our opportunity to share our appreciation for the outgoing officers and welcome the new incoming officers. In addition, we recognize the new Vigil Honor members, Founders Award recipients, George Naylor Award recipients, Unit of Excellence Award recipients, Nentico Camping Award recipientss, and Lodge Service Bead recipients.   


Most importantly, it is also a time to look back at all the fun that was had, celebrate the accomplishments of the Lodge over the past year, and to spend time with your fellow Arrowmen!

Why should I attend?

The Lodge Banquet serves to recognize the hard work that our members have put forth throughout the entirety of the year. Throughout the year many of our members dedicate large amounts of time to serve our fellow brothers, Districts, Council, and Lodge. We would love for you to attend in order to recognize your tireless efforts to make a difference whether at the Unit, Chapter, or Lodge level. 

When is the next Lodge Banquet?

The next Lodge Banquet will take place during January of the 2020 year. Once a date has been announced we will post it here. For more updates check out the Nentico Lodge website found here.

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