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Meet the Leadership Team

Austin Piper.jpg

Austin Piper

Chapter Chief




Michael Phillips

Chapter Adviser

Mike is an Eagle Scout from Troop 965, Troop 967, and Pack 967 from Havre De Grace, MD. Mike was inducted into the OA in 2005 and received the Vigil Honor in 2009. As a youth, Mike served as Chapter Chief, Chapter Vice Chief of Inductions, Chapter Vice Chief of Ceremonies, Chapter Vice Chief of Program, Chapter Secretary, Lodge Ceremonies Chairperson, Lodge Awards Chairperson, and Lodge Chief.


As an adult, Mike has served as Chapter Associate Adviser (Program), Chapter Associate Adviser (Service), Chapter Associate Adviser (Communications), Lodge Ceremonies Committee Adviser and is currently serving as Chapter Adviser. Mike has received the Founder’s Award, Centurion Award, Nolan L. Phillips Service Award, Arrowman Service Award, 10th year Harford Chapter Service Bead, and 7th Year Nentico Lodge Service Bead. Mike has his Master’s Degree at University of Scouting and has attended Woodbadge, National Leadership Seminar, Philmont Training Center National OA Adviser Training, and multiple Lodge Leadership Development Conferences.

Mike states that he is looking forward empowering the youth leaders of the Harford Chapter in order to bolster positive change going into the future.


Alex Paddack

Chapter Staff Adviser

Alex has been working in the Baltimore Area Council for a little over a year coming to us after graduating from Bridgewater College in December of 2017. While at Bridgewater Alex completed a bachelors in Family and Consumer Science with minors in philosophy and religion, and two concentrations in family life education and child development.


Alex grew up in Western Maryland in a family devoted to Scouting where she was enrolled in the venturing program at age 14 where she served as Venturing Officers Association President and Vice President of Programing. Alex also served on staff at Camp Sinoquipe for two summers.


Alex states she is very much looking forward to learning more about Scouting in the Harford District and serving its Scouts and Scouters.


If you have any questions, concerns or just want to say hello please feel free to contact Alex at or you may call her at 443-573-2526.

Dylan Wassif_edited.jpg

Dylan Wassif

Chapter Vice Chief of Program

Dylan is an Eagle Scout from Troop 810 in Abingdon, Maryland.  He is currently the Senior Patrol leader for the second year but has served as an Assistant Senior Patrol Leader, a Patrol Leader, Assistant Patrol leader and a Den chief.  Dylan was inducted into the Order of the Arrow in 2015 and received his Brotherhood 2019. Dylan traveled to the Philmont Scout Reservation with Troop 810 and hiked 104 miles, one of his favorite scout memories.  He has earned the National Outdoor Award and four of the segments.


Dylan is currently a junior at The John Carroll School in Bel Air, Maryland.  He has participated on the volleyball, wrestling and track and field teams.  He is also a member of the Academic team and Chess club as well as a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. 


Matthew Bratcher

Chapter Associate Adviser (Program)

Matt was inducted into the Order of the Arrow in 2013, completed his Brotherhood in 2014 ,and was recognized with the Vigil Honor in 2018. Matt has previously served as the Chapter Finance Committee Adviser assisting with the management of the Chapter budget. Currently Matt serves as the Associate Chapter Adviser for Program where he helps the Vice Chief of Program plan and execute Chapter meeting activities and Chapter outings.  Matt is also serves as an Assistant Scoutmaster in Troop 899 in Fallston, MD, and as a member of the Harford District Advancement Committee.


Aaron Hoover

Chapter Vice Chief of Inductions



Trent Moxley

Chapter Associate Adviser (Inductions)

Trent was inducted into the Order of the Arrow as a youth in 1971 but didn't become truly active until 2013 when he converted to Brotherhood while his 2nd son was doing his Ordeal.  He was awarded the Vigil Honor in 2017. Trent has previously served as the Chapter Finance Committee Adviser assisting with the management of the Chapter budget and 2 years assisting Dave Mentzer and the Vice Chief for Inductions before taking over as Associate Advisor for Inductions where he assists the Vice Chief for Inductions, arranging and assisting the unit OA elections as well as the Harford/National Pike Ordeal.  Trent is a committee member of Troop 965, having served as Treasurer and currently the assistant treasurer and point for new family members.




Trent Moxley, an Army brat, attended 9 different grade schools before the family settled in Aberdeen, MD, during his 6th grade. A youth member of Troop 802, earned Star rank, 6 merit badges and was Troop Scribe for 4 years and ASPL for 1 yr as well as Ordeal OA member before leaving Scouting in 1972.  Studying Chemical Engineering at University of Delaware on an ROTC scholarship, he earned a BChE and a BA in History.  

After Airborne and Ranger school, he served 3 years as an Infantry platoon leader and executive officer with the 101st Airborne (Air Assault) also earning the Air Assault badge.  He then changed career fields and become a sanitary engineer for the next 27 years of his Army career.  


He earned a Master's of Environmental Engineering from Johns Hopkins University and a Master's in Public Health from Tulane University while serving at Edgewood MD, Camp Zama, Japan, back at Edgewood followed by 2 years at Ft Bragg and 1 year in the Republic of Korea.  He then was at Walter Reed Army Medical Center during the anthrax attack as well as 9-11 when he provided direct support to the teams dealing with the aftermath at the Pentagon.  Trent then spent 2 years working at the Pentagon in the Army's Director of Environmental Program's, responsible for the financing of the Army's environmental monitoring program.  Ending his Army career at Edgewood Area, APG, as the Director of Environmental Health Engineering for the US Army Center for Public Health and Health Promotion, retiring at the end of 2009. 



After a short respite, he went to work part-time for the Concurrent Technologies Corporation for 3 years before retiring from the work world.  In his spare time, he reads, bowls (including being the league secretary for the Recycled Teenagers, a retiree group with a bowling issue), volunteers as a tax preparer for the AARP, watches as much real football (soccer) as possible and lastly, dotes on 2 grandchildren, 1 boy and 1 girl.



Luke Teigue

Chapter Vice Chief of Brotherhood

Luke Teigue is a Life Scout from Troop 313, Bel Air, Md. He has served as a Senior Patrol Leader, Assistant Senior Patrol Leader, Historian, Chapter Chief, and OA Representative in his troop. Luke has also served as a staff member for National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) three times as a troop guide, senior troop guide, and ASPL of Service. 


He was introduced into the OA in 2017 and achieved his Brotherhood award in 2019. Luke is currently enrolled as a junior in the carpentry program at Harford Technical High School. He also is the Project Manager for the Habitat for Humanity House, Unit 1. Along with some other youth within his troop, he is looking to form a Venture Crew before the end of the year. 


Steve Kilczewski

Chapter Associate Adviser (Brotherhood)


Jacob Wassif_edited.jpg

Jacob Wassif

Chapter Vice Chief of Service

Jacob is a Life Scout from Troop 810 in Abingdon, Maryland and has his Eagle project approved and is very excited to work on his project.  He currently is an Assistant Senior Patrol leader but has also held positions in his troop of Patrol Leader, Assistant Patrol Leader and Den Chief.  Jacob was inducted into the Order of the Arrow this year and completed his ordeal in September.  Jacobs favorite scout trip to date was a bike trip on the C and O Canal, riding 144 miles over 6 days and earning the cycling merit badge at age 11.


Jacob is currently a freshman at Harford Technical High School in the Electricity program.   He has joined the volleyball team and the Criminal Justice club this year at school.  Jacob is very excited to be a member of the leadership team for the OA.


Neresa Severn 

Chapter Associate Adviser (Service)


Katie DiLeonardi_edited.jpg

Katie Di Leonardi

Chapter Vice Chief of Communications

Katie Di Leonardi is a Venturer, Sea Scout, Ordeal member, and Scouts BSA member. Katie has served as Vice President of Program, Administration, and Communications within her Venturing Crew as well as the Chaplains Aide during trips to the Summit Bechtel Reserve, Philmont, and Okpik. Katie is striving to become a Trifecta and is ready for the challenge. 


Katie works on summer camp staff at Broad Creek Memorial Scout Reservation and is considering a career as a professional scouter. Outside of scouting Katie, is a captain of the Bel Air Girls Cross Country Team. 


Lee Lefkowitz

Chapter Associate Adviser (Communications)



Tyler King

Chapter Social Media Committee Chairperson


Paul Butz_edited.jpg

Paul Butz

Chapter Social Media Committee Adviser

Paul is an Eagle Scout from Troop 965 in Webster/Havre de Grace, MD. Paul was inducted into the OA in 2009 and received the Vigil Honor in the fall of 2013. As a youth, Paul got his start by running the 2011 Harford Chapter Ordeal Weekend, and later served as the Harford Chapter Vice-Chief of Inductions. He continued to run the Harford Chapter Ordeal until 2015. In 2016 he was selected by Lodge Chief Thomas “Boomer” Carr to be the Nentico Lodge Vice Chief of Service. Paul served many years as a part of the Harford Chapter Ceremonies Team, and as an adult, he served as the Associate Adviser for Communications and is currently serving as the Chapter Social Media Committee Adviser. Paul has attended the National Leadership Seminar, Lodge Leadership Development Conferences, and was a Philmont Staff member for two seasons.


Jason Bratcher

Chapter Awards Committee Chairperson

Jason Bratcher is currently serving as the Harford Chapter Awards Committee Chairman.  Jason has obtained the Vigil Honor, and is an Eagle Scout.  Jason plans to attend York College of Pennsylvania in the fall of 2019 to major in Intelligence Analysis: Regional and Global Studies.  Jason has previously served as Chapter Vice Chief of Brotherhood, Chapter Vice Chief of Inductions, and as the Chapter Finance Committee Chairman.  Jason has also been active with ceremonies throughout the lodge.  Even though Jason had to step down from a Vice Chief position, he is very excited to still be involved.


Dave Mentzer

Chapter Awards Committee Adviser

Dave was inducted into Nentico Lodge 12 as a youth in 1970 and thirty nine years later completed his Brotherhood. He was elevated to Vigil Honor in 2011. He has served as Harford Chapter Associate Adviser for Inductions and currently serves as the Chapter Awards Committee Adviser. Dave is currently registered with Troop 965 where he serves as an Assistant Scoutmaster and enjoys working as an Eagle Coach.


Nico Scrocca

Chapter Ceremonies Committee Chairperson

Nicholas “Nico” Scrocca was elected into the Order of the Arrow in 2018, and at his first meeting stepped up to be the  Chapter Vice Chief of Program. Nico is also a life scout in Troop 564. Nico has served various leadership positions in his troop such as Patrol Leader and Assistant Senior Patrol Leader. Nico is currently serving as the Chapter Ceremonies Committee Chairperson. Nico is very excited to be in and active in in the Order of the Arrow.


Nolan Phillips

Chapter Ceremonies Committee Adviser

Nolan was inducted into the Order of the Arrow in 1964. Nolan is currently serving as the Chapter Ceremonies Committee Adviser, the Chartered Organization Representative for Cub Pack 967, and as a Troop Committee Member of Troop 965. Nolan has previously served as Chapter Adviser and as a Chapter Associate Adviser. Nolan is an Eagle Scout, Vigil Honor member, and was the inaugural Nolan L. Phillips Service Award recipient. In addition, Nolan has received the Founder’s Award, 10th Year Harford Chapter Service Bead, 10th Year Lodge Service Bead, Arrowman Service Award, District Award of Merit, and Silver Beaver. Nolan’s passion is the Order of the Arrow, especially working with and developing young Arrowmen.



Chapter History Committee Chairperson



Shaun Woolmer

Chapter History Committee Adviser


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