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Chapter Service Beads


Introduced at the 2009 Lodge Ordeal Weekend hosted by the Harford and Hopkins Chapter the Chapter Service Beads were awarded to recognize those Arrowmen who were instrumental in the success of the Harford Chapter. At the time Lodge Service Beads were given to those Arrowmen who provided exemplary service to the Nentico Lodge. However, there was no formal recognition of those Arrowmen who provided exemplary service at the chapter level. This led to Chapter Chief, Michael Phillips, initiating the creation of the Harford Chapter Service Bead. Originally Chapter Service beads were awarded once per year by the Chapter Chief. The Chapter Service Beads had a different design each year. While an Arrowman could only receive one bead per year, there was not a restriction on the total number of beads one may accumulate accross their lifetime.

In 2016, Chapter Chief, Boomer Carr restructured the Harford Chapter Service Beads so as to establish a standard design of the Chapter Service Bead. A maximum number of years that an individual may receive a Chapter Service Bead was established. This procedure was implemented to align more closley to the Lodge Service Beads and to monitor continued service of members over their lifetime. The Harford Chapter Service Bead design began with a golden arrowhead acting as the central totum. Placed above it is a silver bead followed by an orange bead, white bead, orange bead, and gold bead. For each year the recipient earns a service bead a silver feather and a white bead is added to the necklace. One can determine the number years an individual has received a Harford Chapter Service Bead by counting the total number of feathers on the recipients necklace.


Who receives Chapter Service Beads?

Harford Chapter Service Beads are awarded by the Chapter Chief in recognition of those brothers who have gone above and beyond the duties of their respective position in service of the Harford Chapter. Bead recipients are selected solely by the Chapter Chief.  

How many beads can you receive?

Recipients are permitted to receive one Chapter Service Bead per year. Upon receiving a 10th Year Chapter Service Bead the recipient is ineligible to receive an further Chapter Service Beads as they have achieved the maximum number of beads permitted by the Chapter.

When are recipients recognized?

Chapter Service Bead recipients are announced and recognized either at the Harford District Banquet or the Harford Chapter Banquet.

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